Friday, June 23, 2017

Making Faces

I love a crazy, fun workshop in summer.  I just want to loosen up and play.  I found the perfect one in Lynn Whipple's Making Faces class.  It's offered online through Carla Sonheim's site.  Lynn is so playful and creative, it's impossible not to get into the spirit.  The whole point is to work quickly, loosen up, experiment and produce a mass of faces.  I still have one lesson to go but already have piles of them.

 Some are bigger and some are small little 4x5" ones.

Lynn gives some instruction on realistic placement of features and shadows, and we refer back to that, but the whole idea is to experiment.  We did drawing while switching media.

Worked in all neutrals.

Mixed shadow drawings with loose painterly ones.

 Cut and reassembled many faces.

Worked on patterned backgrounds.

Created different personalities.

Went wild with mixing and matching elements.

Added magazine features and patterns.

I don't think I'll do a thing with all these faces, but I had a blast making them.  It was a really fun way to loosen up and explore all sorts of media.  I highly recommend the class!


Dreamcicle Journeys said...

I want to take this class, Robin. It does look like fun. Your faces are colorful and quirky. Maybe you could make a book with them

Robin Olsen said...

I'm sure you'd enjoy it Paula. It's a nice break to do something completely different.