Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cool and Relaxed June

I am so thankful for the cool Junes of Portland.  I spent many years in California, and my June stitching would have to look much different there.

I enjoy looking back on my daily stitching from last year at this time to see how similar the colors and marks are to what I'm doing this year.  These pieces from last year all feel cool and relaxed.  Lots of blues and greens.  Maybe when I stitch them all together I'll notice more dramatic shifts, but individually, they look pretty calm.  The beginning of those relaxed summer days.


Suzanne Reynolds said...

Your pieces do evoke feelings of cool and calm-ness. I'm grateful we've escaped the searing heat that affects much of the West now. I heard that it was too hot for airplanes to take off in Phoenix yesterday...120 degrees!

Robin Olsen said...

I can't even imagine 120 degrees! I complain at 90.