Monday, November 28, 2011

Bright and Cheerful

I am happy to say that I'm finishing up details for our show this weekend and have allowed myself a couple days of relaxation before the big event. These things are always more work than I remember, but I'm happy for the intense creative state it throws me into, and even happier when it's all over!

Lots of bright colors lately.

Some fiber bundle jewelry:

And more prayer flags. I always love black and white with colors played off of them for sheer cheerfulness. Here's a nice shot on my paint-stained table.

And finally some fiber heart cards.

Hope to see you at Multnomah Arts Center in Portland this Fri. and Sat. Please say hi if you stop by!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall Colors

Fall is my favorite season and this one is absolutely spectacular in Portland. The weather gods got together to have it turn cold quickly without the rain. I've been absorbing all this beauty everywhere I go.

A red waterfall:

Been spending lots of time wandering around downtown. The city parks are all color.

Love the window in this boho shop:

And the cabbage thingies in this bouquet at the farmer's market.

No surprise that fall tones are popping up in my work. I'm working on a new line of fabric jewelry this year for our show. I'm always trying to find a way to include fabric with jewelry without it getting too cute. I'm really happy with these bundle beads I came up with.

Some necklaces--

And some earrings. I also made some bundle beads on hoops for larger earrings. I thought I was working with pretty small scraps when I was making my prayer flags. Now I'm down to smaller snippets yet.

Working away on the prayer flags. Here are a few of my favorite fall ones.

And tonight we got the first bit of snow, so it all comes to an end.