Friday, June 16, 2017

Arty Bits from Minneapolis

My 25 yo son and I just spent a week exploring Minneapolis and rural Minnesota.  We had never been to the area, or spent much time in the midwest, so it was a new adventure.  Minneapolis is a beautiful city with lots of interesting architecture.

Lots of new development is going on with old mills and factories being converted into condos. and artists' lofts.  I loved that they put these sculptures in front of the new developments to show the historic buildings that were replaced.  It's sad to think these beautiful old buildings are gone, but at least there is something to memorialize them.

One of my favorite stops was The Center for Textile Arts.  It's the sort of place that would lure you to move there.  It is a big building full of classrooms and meeting space, a large weaving center and a lovely gift shop.

Beautiful gallery space with works by Rosalie Dace.

Barbara Lee Smith had works in the feature gallery.  I wasn't familiar with her work.  She uses non-woven synthetic, thread painting, collage, and drawing with machine to create striking abstract pieces.

They have a grand dye studio that you can rent by the hour.  So much better than squatting in my driveway to dye things!

And the library!  All textile art books and magazines.  Oh my!

I did get a reality check when I saw this long hallway of coat racks.  I'm sure winter looks very different than the sunny June days we experienced.

One of my favorite things to do in a new city is wander through the residential neighborhoods.  Minneapolis had many beauties.  Prospect Park was one of my favorites with a little funky edge and fantasy houses.

Loved this Buddha garden.

 My new file folder journal worked out splendidly for keeping trip notes.  It was just enough space for a short, active trip.  I didn't have time or interest in sketching and keeping a full journal, so this allowed me to keep track of things without feeling the pressure to fill a whole book.  Sometimes I used both sides of the journal cards and sometimes just one.  It was quick and easy, and I came home done.



Dreamcicle Journeys said...

Glad you liked the file folder journal for your travels. Sounds like you had a good time exploring Minneapolis.

Robin Olsen said...

I think these will be my new travel journals for short trips. I like the flexibility of them and how you can add just as much as you want without ending up with blank pages. Thanks Paula!