Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Stitching in June

I'm finishing up all of my June stitching this week.  I pieced together the 2016 components.  That has become one of my favorite parts in the process.  I like seeing how the pieces interact and form new shapes and emphasis once they are together.  June was pretty wacky with all sorts of odds and ends.  I was traveling in Great Britain at that time, and I added pieces I found here and there, had lots of shifts in weather and environments, maybe that's why this one is all over the place.

My 2017 June is much more unified, maybe a little too much so for my taste. I'm starting with a smaller bag of scraps and threads for this project, and it might be a little too limiting.

I think I prefer the irregularities and oddities of the 2016 piece.  Think I'll mix up my July bag a bit more.


Maria Shell said...

I love your handwork. I think the June 2016 piece is fabulous!

Robin Olsen said...

Thanks Maria! I enjoy it so much I'm already pondering my 2018 project.