Monday, May 24, 2010

Retreat Weekend

We had our annual Portland Art Collective spring retreat this weekend at the Menucha Center in the Columbia Gorge.

Beauty outside:

A labyrinth nestled in the forest for a little centering:

And beauty inside.

The beginning of Cynthia's prayer flags:

Tammy's book art:

Debi's doodle painting:

Jennifer's metal hearts:

The beginning of Stephanie's puppet theatre:

Sometimes all you can do is count your blessings.


lynne h said...

oh robin, this is so true... i'd be counting my blessings in the midst of all this too... xo

steph b said...

Phew, was wondering what "photo opps" would be featured :) I enjoy running away from home, with my art women.

jackie said...

Looks to have been a great break. I like your dyed threads and the idea of being in Chicago makes me jealous.Thanks for visiting my blog, and for linking to the HEN workshops.

Joanie Hoffman said...

it's funny i should find your blog & this posting today when all morning everything went wrong until...I saw a great blue heron flying across the sky and he reminded me of all the people & things i have to be grateful for. who cares if the hot water heater isn't working again? it can be fixed like all the other things.
thanks for the lovely photos!
happy days, joanie