Sunday, May 9, 2010

Great Return

I got home from Chicago (more soon) to find some wonderful surprises waiting for me.

First from Carolyn at Loves Stitching Red, this beautiful heart! Carolyn was one of the winners of my heart giveaways and surprised me with this lovely one in return! It's fabulously textural, and the frothy lace and shell make me think of the beach at night.

If you are not already a follower of Carolyn's blogs, make sure you check them out. Loves Stitching Red follows her explorations with color and many other delights, while her other blog focuses on her experiments with stones and subtle colors. I love them both! Thanks Carolyn!

A while back a representative from Strathmore paper company asked if they could use one of my journal spreads to illustrate what's happening in art journaling to art supply stores. In return, they would send me their latest products. I returned home to a big box full of their newest art journals and am thrilled by them!

They come in 3 sizes 3.5"x5", 5.5"x8", and 9"x12", and each size comes in a range of papers including heavy drawing paper, Bristol, 90 lb. watercolor or 140 lb. watercolor. You can tear off the cover sheet you see above to have a nice brown journal. The front and back covers are both heavy board, perfect for splashing on paint or collage. And the spiral is thick and strong. If you like to get messy in a journal and glue and paint, check these out. They'll be in stores in June.

To all you fellow moms out there, Happy Mother's Day! One Portland tradition is to take moms out to the rhododendron garden which is in full bloom this time of year. I enjoyed the day there with my boys and send a few sun-drenched rhodies your way.


ger said...

A beauty (I have one of her rock pool hearts, too...)

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks for the links to Carolyn's blogs. I like them both. Worldwide blog connections are very special.