Monday, May 10, 2010

My Heart Skips a Beat--Chicago

A friend once read me her favorite poem by Mary Oliver, and it ended with the speaker being filled with a moment of transcendence upon turning a corner and spying a deer (my lousy paraphrase!). I responded with something like, "umm, yeah that's nice" but didn't have any real
connection with the poem. Later I was driving into San Francisco on a route I had never taken, came over a hill and saw the Golden Gate bridge sparkling in the sunlight. I actually gasped at its beauty and realized I had found my "deer."

It's not that I don't enjoy the occasional moment in nature, but my heart really skips a beat at city sights. Here are a few of my "deer" from Chicago:


Kim said...

My old home town.... brings back memories. But still, I like the country better! Nice to visit though!

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Nice glimpses of urban-love! City lights do it for me. We really have the best of nature and urban (albeit smaller scale) in Portland, don't you think?

louciao said...

Gorgeous city shots! I've never had a yen to go to Chicago, but you may have just changed that.

Cindy Woods O'Leary said...

Oh, how great to see your 'deer'! Thanks for sharing these...xo

cynthia said...

Your Chicago photos were so enticing! I like the mix of urban scenes and little vignettes. Takes me back there.

Sherry O'Keefe said...

visiting your blog, coming across this post was a bit of a *deer* moment for me.

mark me down as a fan(!)