Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Time for Plan B

This was not a week when painting was going to happen.  Between listening to yet another week of horrifying news and going through some struggles with my son, I was left without much creative energy.  I need to have full presence before I can tackle painting.  And a good dose of self-confidence to get me through all the painting days when nothing seems to come together and I start wondering if it ever will. I had neither this week.  Thankfully I had my plan B.  Fabric scraps!  They seem to always do the job.

A few years ago I made a ton of fabric prayer flags in all sorts of colors. I made a bright, cheery one for my niece, and she now asked me to make her a new one in all black and white for her dorm.  She's a senior this year, but already decorating her dorm room.  The chances of her still wanting black and white a year from now are slim, but I was happy for the project.

I was a little concerned that 1. black and white would be boring and 2. I wouldn't have enough interesting black and white scraps to make it work.  HA!  How could I have doubted my scrap pile or my love of black and white.  It's a very different look from the colorful ones I made before, but I love the emphasis on texture and pattern in this one.

You can see some of the colorful ones here and here.


Dreamcicle Journeys said...

Love the mix of patterns and values in these prayer flags.

Robin Olsen said...

Thanks Paula. I forgot how fun these are to make.