Tuesday, August 8, 2017

More Stitching Catch-Up

Still catching up on my stitching.  I just got out my July 2016 stitch project to join together and usually I'd have it all done by this point.  So here are some of the components before the layout begins.

 I love how the extra "O" formed from the raggedy threads on the top.  Soon to be lost when it's joined with another piece.

I enjoy doing these daily stitch projects so much that I have begun to ponder my 2018 project.  One reason it's on my mind is that as soon as I pull out the 2016 pieces, I realize how much more enjoyable that one was than my 2017 project.

A bit of my 2017 project
I think it's that I feel more constrained in the 2017 project.  I originally planned on it consisting only of marks and stitches, but I missed chunks of fabric too much, and it needed a little more solidity.  The 2016 let me mix up lots of bits of fabric and had a lot more room for compositional play.  No idea how all this will translate in 2018, but I'm hoping something pops up that incorporates my main loves of raggedy scraps, marks and stitches, simplicity of materials, and lots of room to play.  Any ideas are welcomed!

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