Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Prayer Flags

I've been having a lot of fun playing with pattern and color in new sets of prayer flags. I started some tiny ones back here. I decided to make this set longer, 3"x7", so they would hang more gracefully.

I found a remnant basket at a local quilting shop full of scraps, some odd cut shapes leftover from classes, for .50 an oz. I got a fat bagful and challenged myself to make these 2 sets of flags out of it. I love having a challenge like that--it forces me into some combinations that I might not normally do. I cheated a couple times when I needed a pop of color that wasn't there, but about 99.5% of these came from that bag. It's a fun way to get to delve into those cool, modern fabrics without investing much.

A cool set:

And a warm:


indie grrrl said...

these are lovely!

helen salo said...

These are great, and truly inspiring! I got a box of quilt scraaps from Montana on a road trip and think i might challenge myself the same way. Great idea!

louciao said...

Clearly not your typical prayer flags. Great compositions on each flag: the embodiment of beautifully patterned prayers. So joyful!