Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April Daily Stitching

Finishing up my daily stitching for April and still been wrestling a bit with this project. I think I was trying to make it head in too many different directions.  I wasn't sure if it was a daily journal, a daily recording of the shifting seasons, or a collection of marks.  I knew I wanted to start with a small bag of scraps and threads for each month to keep it focused and portable, but that meant it really didn't represent everything I wanted to include.  My fabric choices for the month were the yellows, greens and pinks which are the beginnings of the blooming season in Portland, but when I spent a week at the beach, the blues and grays all around me looked nothing like the fabric I was stitching on.

Walks on the beach helped me discover my focus.  I'll still pull a bag of scraps and threads for each month to help the piece hold together, and my marks can be inspired by whatever is around me that day.  This piece, while still looking like April in Portland, has marks inspired by sea stones, shells, and eucalyptus pods.

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