Friday, January 19, 2018

Painting Large

In Studio Journeys, our art bundle, or monthly lesson plan, for Jan. has been scale.  Those who tend to paint small are encouraged to paint large, and those who already paint large are encouraged to try very small paintings.  My challenge has been to go bigger.  I've gotten pretty comfortable with the 12" square or the 16x20".  This painting is not huge, but it is a step up at 24x30".  I'd like to try some really big paintings like 5 ft. x 6 ft, but that seems impossible until weather warms up and I can use the garage.  There is quite a challenge to keep the same loose energy going as you go bigger, a whole new set of tools required, but it is exciting and I'm eager to experiment a lot more.

For this painting I used the Zorn Palette which I've fallen in love with--cadmium red medium, yellow ochre, black and white.

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