Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Need a Do-Over!

I've decided I'm starting the new year all over in Feb.  Things are not getting off to a good start.

I lost my 13 year old bulldog, and trusty studio companion, Jack.  He was constantly by my side, and his favorite place was my studio.  I always felt like he probably picked up happy vibes from me when we were working in there.  He often got there first and barked to let me know it was time to join him.  The studio is very empty without him, and I'll be grieving that loss for quite a while.

My energy level is very low as I struggle with a cold.  I'll be heading to CA to help my mom recover from foot surgery for a few weeks, so everything will be on hold for a while.  But February!  Time for a fresh start!

I have only begun a few stitches toward my new daily stitch project.  Maybe I'll get it off to a serious start in Feb.  I know the direction I want to go now--lots of spontaneous stitching.  Here are some of the inspirations behind it.

The stunningly gorgeous stitching of Lisa Smirnova.  Her version of Frida takes my breath away.  I love the rawness of her stitching combined with her delicate touch.  Wow!

The playful heavy stitching and recurring motifs of Junko Oki.

 These wonderful chunky stitched pieces from The Nui Project, a stitching program for developmentally disabled adults in Japan.

And the very spontaneous stitching of Rieko Koga.

I so love all of this work, and hope that I can somehow capture that free, spontaneous feeling in my new project.  My posting will be sporadic until I get settled back in in Feb, but maybe by then I'll have lots of wild stitching to show.


Maria Shell said...

Robin-- I am so sad to hear you lost your studio buddy and friend. That is a very difficult loss. In the end, the memories will be good, but right now it has to hard...the trip to see your mom will be a good distraction. I hope February is a great reboot!

Dreamcicle Journeys said...

Robin, Maria expressed well my sentiments about your loss of Jack. Starting afresh in February is a great idea. Your new stitching inspiration will help with forging ahead and lead to expanding your creativity which you take in amazing directions.

Suzanne Reynolds said...

A change of scenery will hopefully ease the loss of the familiar presence in your studio. I know the heartbreak. Take care.
Your have a very inspirational selection of stitched art to launch new projects! Can't wait to see what you create.
Here's to new beginnings. <3

Robin Olsen said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts and words, Maria, Paula, and Suzanne! They are much appreciated!