Friday, March 24, 2017

Breathing Space

The last in my Breathing Space series is called "Wandering Elsewhere."

"Wandering Elsewhere" acrylic on paper, 11x14"
 It is so helpful for me to work in a series.  First because I don't have to come up with something new to work on everyday.  Second, it feels good to have something to anchor me when I'm painting abstractly.  It keeps me coming back to my initial intent.

It also lets me see what patterns emerge and see what things I want to explore further.

"Wandering Elsewhere" is similar to "Traveling Alone" in that they both have lots of empty space and rely on small clusters of marks for composition.  In this series, I really wanted to explore how far I could push that empty space without having it become boring, and these have a lot of it.

"Traveling Alone"
 I'm really fascinated by compositions that hug the edge of the page, as in "Edge of Night" and "Secret Ravine" and would like to explore that more.  It's very tricky to take things out of the center of the painting without ending up with a dead hole.

"Edge of Night"

"Secret Ravine"
 I like what the bright pops of color do to the grayed down cools in "Commencement" and "Morning Caravan."

"Morning Caravan"
 Finally, I'm interested in playing with some harder edged blocks of opaque color as in "Night Light."

"Night Light"
Just some notes to myself, so I remember what I learn along the way.
And I just learned how to resize my photos so they appear larger on the blog.  I'm very happy about that!

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