Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nick Cave Exhibit

Took a quick jaunt to Seattle this weekend to see the Nick Cave exhibit before it leaves.

The Seattle Art Museum has a wonderful exhibit of his Soundsuits on display until June 5. I've never seen anything like them. I like to scour thrift stores for items to use, but he takes it to a whole new level, making suits out of embroidered or sequined bits from clothing, doilies, rag rugs, old sweaters and afghans, toys, even ceramic birds. I couldn't take pictures, so these are from the web. Not all of these pieces are in the show, but there are plenty more that are very similar.

Some of the suits appear almost menacing, some like a spiritual totem, and most are highly celebratory. He has a wild imagination and it's a fun exhibit. I highly recommend it if you are in the Seattle area.

Seattle is a gorgeous city and I always find lots of inspiration there.

Beautiful decay at The Center for Wooden Boats:

A great, creepy sticker:

In a store window, lanterns made of torn strips of fabric and trims wrapped around a wire frame:

And I love the graphic quality of this wool and silk pillow in the art museum gift shop. May have to play around with one of those.


lynne h said...

lol, he *does* take it to a whole new level, and for that i greatly admire him. even though a lot of what he creates doesn't appeal to me, i am still tremendously inspired by him.


Stephanie said...

I saw a couple of his garmets in NY last year...really amazing, there was a video of dancing in the garmets and sound they made.

Thanks for the day trip to Seattle!

...louciao... said...

What a treat for you! Thanks for the glimpse of all that eye candy. Good thing it's not fattening.
Hmmm...those Nick Cave suits give me an idea of what to do with all those supplies that I know I'll never get around to using but don't want to throw out...

jackie said...

Fascinating exhibition, in some way the images remind me of some Samuri outfits made of wood which were on the TV yesterday. I always envy those of you who live in interesting areas, with lots to see.