Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayer Banners

I loved the interaction that was occurring between the prayer flags I was working on, so I turned them into two prayer banners instead.

I seem to do long, skinny pieces over and over, and they are so hard to photograph. Most of these fabrics, the discards from a San Francisco fashion designer, were a gift from my friend Cindy. They are so gorgeous that I wanted them to be appreciated as they are with little done to them besides a few connections made.

The colors are so different for me. Soft, dream colors.


cristina said...

hi robin,
don't know if you've seen, my "let's face it, she love
lace" face i am creating with jude's sew group.
but having not yet created a long banner, this is exactly what went through my mind this morning, with
the face! . . . placing her on long banner...
i love your garden of colors and shapes on
this banner.....
continue having a lovely day,

Jacky said...

I love them as banners Robin!!!! (I loved them as prayer flags too). Must say, I am drawn to longer pieces too...maybe because I'm short and squat!

Just beautiful and how lovely to have used those gorgeous fabrics from your friend this way.

Jacky xox

Patty said...

Oh, these are soft whispered prayers.
Love these colors and shapes.

jude said...

i love your little long cloths

...louciao... said...

One of the things I really love about making textile art is the freedom to play with colours and patterns I would not normally think to use or make, so I totally understand the fun you have with using these tones you might not normally choose for yourself. I find your grouping and attachment of them really satisfying. It gives me great pleasure to gaze at them as digital images, so I can only imagine how good it would be to see and (may I?) touch them in person.

Paula McNamee said...

Your banners reflect your wonderful fabric collection and eye for color and texture- wonderful.