Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hearts and Soul

This weekend was my art group's spring art retreat. Some of my friends are able to produce all kinds of things during the weekend, but I've come to accept that I like to create in solitude. The weekend is fun and full of laughs, but never very productive for me. I try to have some projects that don't require much thought and did get started making a few hearts.

I've never been a heart person, usually finding them too sweet for my taste, but I did enjoy experimenting with a few earlier in the year. You can see them here and here. These led me to imagine a whole wall of oddball hearts so here is the beginning of a few. They'll all be stuffed and on hangers when I'm done.

One thing I really do enjoy working on while at art retreats are my Soul Collage cards. If you are not familiar with them, they are basically intuitive collages of images that you put together without consciously understanding what they all mean. Later they are read almost like personal Tarot cards. Some might be pretty and peaceful:
Others disturbing:
It's perfect to work on them in a roomful of people when you are only half paying attention to what you are doing and don't have the chance to overthink them. If interested, you can sign up for a great newsletter that gives ideas for reading them here.

After my trip to CA and then the art retreat, the introvert in me is now screaming for lots of solitary time in my studio. And I'm looking forward to leisurely catching up on all the blogs I've been missing.


ger said...

Solitude as a basic requirement for creating sounds very familiar to me... I like the idea of a wall of hearts - been thinking about a wall of cloth creatures a while ago (one has to make a lot of them first, though...)

Paula McNamee said...

Love the colors in your hearts against your black & white backgrounds.

tory said...

Robin,Your hearts are very nice and I really like the second one with the random texture and color on the black & white great. Do show us when it's done please.

Cindy O'Leary said...

Love these! Hearts have always spoken to me (oh, and I just made the connection about my heart chakra--woowoo moment) And I love the Soul Cards--thanks for that link. These may be the perfect thing to add to my 'get-away' list. xo

lee said...

I am reassured to hear from another person with a preference for her home space! I like the idea of retreats and workshops, but I NEED to be next to My Stuff for any meaningful work to happen.

Robin Olsen said...

Ger, a wall of creatures--that would be fabulous!

Sheri said...

Love your work! So glad you came to play...I have a sneaky feeling you're going to love EnVIsion if you love Soul Collage.

Look forward to having you post your work Robin, it's beautiful.