Monday, January 12, 2009

What If? Kantha stitch

What if I used a chunky kantha stitch to outline all the white areas?  This did make the white pop in some areas that had bolder designs, such as the black, white and red section on the bottom, but became a little too random in the busier areas.  I think smaller, finer stitches might have worked better in the busy areas.   I have a few more of these little experiments to try, then I think I want to start applying some of the bits I like to a series of hearts.  (This photo makes the fabric look grubby.  Maybe I need to clean my scanner.)

1 comment:

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Very neat, Robin. The curved rows of stitching in red are so cool! I didn't know about the Kantha stitch and found the site really interesting.