Saturday, January 24, 2009

Puff Balls

I've been working on my "Reach" sign and decided to frame it with little puff balls.  I was working with bigger puff balls last year and had wanted to try some about marble size.   They were a bit time consuming, but I'm really happy with the festive look they gave the piece.

Now I need to bind it and it will be done.  I first thought it would have a wild binding with tassels or something, but now it seems like it needs to stay simple so it doesn't attract from the center.

And more puff balls--yesterday I went to an amazing exhibit by Mandy Greer at the Contemporary Craft Museum.  She had filled a whole room with funky crochet sculptures that resembled huge trees on another planet.   They were full of wild crochet, puff balls, pom poms, beads, you name it.  My husband said it looked like what I would make if I was on acid.  Standing in the middle of it was a wild experience.  I loved it!

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Suzanne Reynolds said...

Your "reach" sign is wonderful! Love the little puff balls, they add great texture and color. I'll have to go see the exhibit--extreme crochet, to be sure.