Friday, January 16, 2009


I was reading about choosing a word for the year to have a focus for your intentions.   I like the simplicity of this idea and chose:

I try to think about this every day and stretch myself just a little bit beyond my comfort zone. It might be staying up a little later to get a sketch in each day, or doing 2 extra push-ups, or trying a new technique in art.  

Right now I am really enjoying this post-holiday, post-show time of not having any deadlines or final products in mind.   I just want to follow my curiosity and see what develops from that.   I've wanted to do a little freeform lettering out of fabric so decided to make a "Reach" sign that I can hang in my studio as a reminder.

I've also wanted to work with velvet for a while.  This is a big reach for me as I still remember the nightmares of trying to do more precise sewing with it and having it slip all over.   But I can't resist the texture.  I made a background for my sign by layering velvet, batting, and cotton backing and freeform stitching on it.  The resulting texture, which doesn't come through in the photo, is incredible.  I can't stop touching it.   

The velvet was so much fun it's given me ideas for a whole new series of velvet "What If's."  Got a couple more graffiti ones to finish up, then on to more velvet.

Next I'll be starting an edging exploration around the lettered part of my sign.

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Lorie M. said...

this looks great, and I know what you mean about this time of year..your velvet ideas are nice, I'd like to give that fabric a try too..