Friday, December 26, 2008

Stuffed Guy

Still snowed in, and still enjoying it, except I'm getting a huge craving for Thai food.  The thaw is starting, so we may be getting out in the next couple days.   It's been a wonderful, relaxing break from the normal routine.  The urge to clean out my studio hit earlier than my usual Jan. 1 clean-up time, so I've been taking advantage of being locked in and getting a start on it.    I decided to haul all my unfinished, wrong direction, just not inspiring, projects out to the garage.  Maybe I'll look at them in a year and see if they have any hope or need to be tossed.

I did get one little guy done for Xmas.  I wanted to make my 8 yo niece an ugly doll this year. She loves our bulldog Jack, so he seemed perfect for a model.  I really enjoyed doing the stitching on fleece--the stitches just melt right in.  Might want to play with more fleece in the future.

And the handsome model himself:


Suzanne Reynolds said...

Love your stuffie, Robin, and the "real" Jack!
I have no urge to clear out stuff yet but seem inspired to finish up a few crafty holiday projects from last year. Nice to do something without a deadline. :)

Christine said...

Geez, I hope Jack didn't read your comment, VBG. I think he's quite handsome actually, and so is the doll too.
I can't imagine being snowed in and not able to go out, I'd get "cabin fever" pretty quickly.
Hooroo from sunny, humid Sydney Australia,

kerin said...

Hi Robin!

I didn't see any contact info to email you and wanted to say hello! We did the Art Play Days in Sacramento and then also got together at ArtFest right? If this is the right Robin, please write to I'd like to reconnect.


Kerin Gale