Saturday, December 20, 2008


We are having the strangest week of ice and snow, very unusual for Portland.  We haven't been able to drive for a week, unless we put on chains, so I'd rather walk.  It has been quite wonderful to have focused days at home not having to drive my boys around.   Most of my time this week was spent on Christmas preparations, decorating and baking cookies, instead of much art.  

I did, though, have a little scribbling fun.  On Scribbler, you do a simple line drawing and then the computer program takes over and attaches the lines, providing the shading and web-like lines.  I have no idea how it works, but it really transforms a simple line drawing into something much more interesting.   You can adjust line thickness and colors for different effects.

I think it would be really great to use as a pattern for free-motion stitching.


Deb said...

Another Scribbler devotee heard from!

Just wait until you start stitching them out. Have you tinkered with the controls yet? Color, line width, transparency...all I ask is a bigger canvas and maybe a stylus instead of the mouse.

Paula McNamee said...

Robin, What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing and Happy Winter Solstice, Paula