Thursday, September 11, 2008

Treasures in our Backyard

Cynthia got lost on her way to our sketch outing at Luscher Farm a couple weeks ago and stumbled onto Hughes Water Gardens in the process.  None of us had ever been there, so we gave it a try this week.   We were all awestruck at the beauty of the place--large koi ponds,  lily pad pools that looked prehistoric, fountains and garden art everywhere.    Once again it was in our backyards, and we didn't even know it.

It had been a busy week for me, so I stayed a little longer for some quiet time at the Koi pond.

The waterlily was done at Hughes, but the St. Francis was from the previous week's outing to the Grotto, a Catholic nunnery and garden.  I didn't attempt to sketch the giant, 3-foot-wide lily pads.  They didn't even look real in life, so I knew they would be unconvincing in a sketch.

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