Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Line Up

I'm so excited to start joining together the components of my 2016 Daily Stitch Project into a large piece.  It's like quilting where the individual squares are nice, but the real magic happens when they start interacting with one another.  Sometimes I have to let go of a special frayed edge, but that's the way it goes.  I especially like when a block that was somewhat plain on its own really enhances those around it, or when one picks up the colors of the adjacent one and they form a new design.  They play so nicely together.

Because the strips are so long, the process involves laying all the components out on the carpet and rearranging until I'm happy.  I decided on 2 long sections for each month, but they are still ending up about 6 ft. long.  I may break that down to 3 shorter sections for each month.  I got the idea of putting casings on top of each strip and using a simple rod so I could move them around easily.  That way I could do seasonal clusters if I don't have space for the whole year to hang at the same time.

These are from Feb. 2016:

 I didn't bother posting any individual pieces this month since they are still black and white and very similar to Jans. but here are a few of the segments.

Next month color starts moving in.


Maria Shell said...

These are beautiful. Where do the scraps come from? It looks like you have an assortment of fabrics--not just quilters cotton!

Suzanne Reynolds said...

All those great little compositions coming together; looks awesome! I like your idea of making pockets on top of the strips for display.

Robin Olsen said...

Thank you. Maria, these are almost entirely recycled bits, clothing, old linens, silk samples, scraps from quilt stores, whatever I can rummage. I love the hunt for odd bits!

Dreamcicle Journeys said...

Robin, I like the variety of texture and stitches in your blocks. The idea of hanging them together will make an interesting art installation.

Robin Olsen said...

Thanks Paula. Yes, after stitching them individually all year, it's really fun finally to pull them all together.