Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Canvas Pencil Bags

I wanted to make a gift for a friend recently, so I pulled out paints and pencils and made a canvas pencil bag.  I made quite a few for myself a while ago and found that they are really useful for holding pencils, brushes, markers.  I made them in different sizes, tall and short.  The idea came from Elisa Burke's blog and her directions can be found here.

They are always a little funky and lumpy, but I like that.  Elisa rolls her top, but I prefer painting the top black and then leaving the edge raw.

My newly painted gift:

They are full of stuff all over my studio.

Technical details:  I just found older comments that I didn't know how to find earlier.  Thank you for those!  I hope I'm now on top of them.  I also see that when I look at my blog on Feedly, the format is odd and kind of random.  They appear orderly on my blog, so I don't know how to correct that.  If anyone can help, please do.


Suzanne Reynolds said...

I love those! The black collar really makes the colors of your painting stand out. Always good to have places to keep your goodies in order.

Robin Olsen said...

Thanks Suzanne. Now if I could only find a way to get the other 99% of my studio in order!