Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Nautical Treat

Last night Dayna held a little party for our art group aboard her yacht! She and her husband Howard, the ultimate hosts, are parked (I'm sure there's a more precise boating term to use here) at the Portland waterfront, among many other boats, for the blues festival this weekend. It was one of those magical nights with perfect weather and a crystal clear view.

Everyone outdid themselves with the potluck goodies:

We sipped wine on the deck and thought we must look like the Real Housewives of Portland, minus the plastic surgery. Here's Cynthia, Lenall and Lorraine:

Steph, Dayna, Carrie and Jill:

The whole gang of happy girls. Howard graciously snapped photos using each of our cameras:

I have been taking Jude's online Story Cloth class (more soon), and made this little piece as a thank you for Dayna:
It was huge treat to get to step into a different world for the evening! Thank you Dayna and Howard!


Dayna Collins said...

What a great blog post about our magical evening. It was special. Howard said he loved being "down below" and hearing our riotious laughter!

lynne h said...

oh robin, i LOVE your stitched piece...

this looks like it was a wonderful time indeed...