Friday, June 11, 2010

Dreams of Summer

We are still having gray days in Portland, so I needed to make a little summer of my own.

I've loved this book for a long time, especially her use of the quilting line:

I decided to play around with some simple piecing, mainly using my hand dyed fabrics:

And I experimented with letting the stitching line 1. stay within a patch, 2. outline a shape, 3. join patches together and 4. extend into the border:

I'm now dreaming of a 4 seasons series since we have had only one long winter this year.


dee said...

I have this book, too!!! I love the cover quilt, but I'll admit to finding some of the others inside a little less impressive. YOUR combinations and stitchery are wonderful! I often find that seasons are an organizing principle in my designs... or various types of weather. After we had all the rain this past March, and also last June, when rain records were set in Massachusetts, I made quite a few rain quilts.

Jacky said...

This looks a wonderful book...i will be sure to keep an eye out for it! Her quilts remind me of Ton Schultens paintings which I am also playing around with in fabric. His work really lends itself to fabric/felt etc.
Love the piece you have made...gorgeous colours and stitching.

Jacky xox

Robin Olsen said...

Yes, her quilts are often based on Ton Sculten paintings, and she mentions him in her book. I did a little felt piece based on his paintings (which I sold and forgot to photo). I agree, his paintings are perfect starting points for fiber pieces!

Dee, I agree--there are a few really standout pieces in the book, but many don't live up to the cover.

Paula McNamee said...

The colors of your hand dyed fabrics and threads are gorgeous. Thanks for the tip about artist Ton Sculten- the painting inspired book cover is fabulous.

art spirit said...

Love your art quilts! Wonderful stitching and colors....and the dyed thread and ribbon..very cool!
Now I want to try it!