Sunday, January 10, 2010


I am determined to get better at Photoshop this year so have signed up for DJ Pettitt's "Memories and Manipulations" online Photoshop class. Here's my first project:

I love the way it ended up looking like a batik! It is made of layers of photos from my archive: undulations on a beach, a tree, and a flower with each layer containing adjustments and manipulations.

I'm learning a huge amount in the class and having fun playing with it, but find it quite challenging even after having other Photoshop classes. DJ says it is for all levels, but I'd recommend knowing the basics before you sign up.


Cindy Woods O'Leary said...

Ah, looks like you've turned the corner! Love your collage--I expect to see more in class! xo

Suzanne Reynolds said...

That's a beautiful photo, Robin. Love the layers. I'm determined to dig into PS Elements this year. Keep up the inspiration!

Carole said...

Great piece!

I so want to take this class!

Unfortunately we need a computer upgrade before I can even use Elements.

louciao said...

Hey! I'm taking it too! It's a great process of discovery, figuring things out, experimenting. Always great to learn new tricks.