Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Hearts

After the show and the holidays, I've been looking forward to Jan. as a time for pure experimentation and stitching just for the sake of the stitch. But due to the timeliness of the subject, I've been invited to put my hearts in two more shows for Feb.

I am very honored to be the feature artist for Feb. at the Portland Central Library. Some of my work will be on display in the lobby and then hearts for sale in the gift shop. I am also very happy to be in the "Heart of the Matter" show at Guardino Gallery, my favorite gallery in Portland.

I made this heart for my friend Maggie. Maggie is remodeling a historic mansion and has decorated her bedroom in pale silver blue. When I found this old blue velvet, I knew it was meant for her. It turned out to have some stretch to it, which gave this one a few more bumps than most. Some of the bits come from her decorating scraps, and they unravelled when I looked at them, giving this one an extra shabby look.


Cindy Woods O'Leary said...

Congratulations Robin! Loving this heart of yours--and the one hanging in my bedroom. Have fun snipping and stitching! xo

arlee said...

Juicy and fresh---congrats on the show--the orange in particular has yumth factor:}

Paula McNamee said...

Your hearts are so beautiful! Hope you do well showing your artwork at new venues.

cynthia said...

Love that new heart! The colors are so yummy.
Congratulations on showing at the Library. You'll see lots of hearts there.

Dee / Cloth Company said...

love the rag tag narrative of those hearts! no perfume-y artifice here!