Sunday, October 19, 2008

Working on Show

I'm not very happy.  I have so many "What If's" filling my head, but I'm not able to work on them right now.  I've been spending the weekend doing some of the nuts and bolts to get ready for my art group's annual Dec. show.  I'm leaving for Mexico in one week, and I want to feel like I'm on top of my show stuff before I leave.   I'm finding that the "What If's" are taking me in a new direction, one that I would love to focus on for a while, but I need to step back to my earlier work and get a few pieces finished.

Last year the show was a huge success, so we are all hoping for a repeat performance this year. We know the interest is there, it's the economy that's scary.  I've decided to think of ways of scaling down my pieces, making them less elaborate and labor intensive, and more affordable for this year's show.

Here are a few of my pieces from last year:

I went back to my original inspiration for this piece, chains of fabric birds made in Thailand, and decided to incorporate some of my birds into simpler chains:

I've also been finishing off some pieces of the funky couching I was doing:

All the little details of inventory, labels, hangers take so much time, but I'm happy to have gotten a jump on it this weekend.  I may have to take a break though and get a few of those burning "What If's" out of my head this week.


jan in nagasaki said...

hi robin, I just clicked on your comment over at Jude's.... I saw these creations on your post and they looked verrry familiar. I had just seen them very very recently in a magazine... Wow!!! really great stuff and very interesting!!!! they look really fun to make!!!!!

Robin Olsen said...

Good memory Jan--they were in Nov/Dec. 2007 issue of Cloth,Paper, Scissors. They are fun to make! Thanks for the nice comment.

Lauren said...

found you via pintangle. what beautiful work! bookmarked :-)