Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fabric Pellets

It's been a crazy week trying to get ready for Mexico, finishing up PR for our show, and catching one day of my art group's art retreat.  Some of my fabric birds went into a shop this week, so I have been making more to replace them for our show.  I did squeeze in one "What If."  This time I asked, what if I add color to the background to make some of the graffiti pop?  I wanted to add one color per patch to keep the patches evident.  I made little fabric pellets and sewed them on.  I don't think they make the graffiti pop at all, but I like it anyway.  I think they would be fun to combine with other techniques.

I am leaving first thing in the morning for a couple weeks in Oaxaca and Mexico City, so I won't be posting until I get back.  I'm leaving my family behind and traveling with two of my sketching friends for a couple of art-filled weeks.  Adios for now.


Lorie M. said...

your work is really great, and a very creative blog..happy sketching!

Christine said...

Robin, visiting from Sharon B's "Pintangle". A question about your fabric pellets, I'd like to try something like these for a kid's class. Do you use any glue or stiffener or such to hold them in this shape while stitching down? I think kids would need something like that to hold them in the general shape. Love your blog, very colourful and interesting. Must be great to travel, lots of inspiration at every turn.
Christine in sunny Sydney Australia