Friday, October 7, 2011

Art and Design Class

I used to teach quite a few art classes for all different ages, and I stopped a few years ago to take a break. I've had this one particular class in mind for some time though, so I was really excited when the opportunity came up to teach an Art and Design class for teens. I love working with this age group because they are highly creative and old enough to be able to take on challenging work.

This is such a fun class for me because I've been gathering examples from the design world--fashion, architecture, comics, video game design, etc. to illustrate art principles. Gives me a fresh perspective on things.

And the students' work is inspiring!

Here are some of the results from a negative space exercise I gave. Students start with a 6" black square, cut out shapes and flip them onto a white background.

The next 2 started with a black rectangle.

For the first two weeks, we worked on an exercise on finding variety within limitations. Starting with a leaf shape, they cut no more than 5 straight lines out of it.

Then the next week they repeated the exercise using curved lines.

They really astound me with the range of ideas they can come up with!


Jacky said...

This must be so exciting creative this group are. I love this negative space exercise.

Jacky xox

saraz said...

These are really great. It makes me want to run to the studio, get a piece of black paper and some scissors!

Jan said...

Fabulous creativity! I love this exercise, your students really did well with it.

Tory Brokenshire said...

They are lucky to have you but how nice for you to be able to be around all their energy.

stephanie brockway said...

Very exciting results! love them.

jackie said...

How great to work with a group of creative people of whatever age - sometimes it seems as if one is all alone, and perhaps slightly mad to be thinking outside the box.Your colours cheered me up this morning.