Friday, February 18, 2011

Pamela Allen workshop

I am really thrilled to be taking another Pamela Allen online workshop this month. I got so much out of it last year that I couldn't resist another round, this one focusing on color and pattern.

We started by doing the same exercise we did last time, but since I wasn't hugely successful the first time, I was happy to have more practice. We chose a painter whose colors attract us, and then we tried to copy those colors in fabric.

I chose this painting by my favorite Portland artist, William Park.

And my fabric version. I would have liked to have found a bit brighter, bluer green for the background, but this was as close as I had. It's a great challenge and teaches so much about putting together colors you might not naturally go to.

Next we take those colors and create our own small composition with them:

Pamela critiques each step of the way by photoshopping in changes she recommends. A fabulous way to see what works! My first exercise was fine. On this one she suggested a little more modeling with a few more pieces on the trees and mushrooms. I really like the added depth it gives to the mushrooms especially.

Our week 2 assignment was to take another painting we are drawn to and then recreate it in all its complimentary colors. I chose this Matisse:

Warning--this gets really ugly! The compliments make her look ghoulish. But I was really happy that Pamela said I had them all right. It's a huge challenge because you are not only thinking about color compliments, but also trying to find the correct values and intensities in that compliment. And translating from paint to fabric carries its own special challenges. A very worthwhile--but exhausting-- exercise!

You can see the exercises from last year here, here, here and here, and I'll be posting more as the class continues.


...louciao... said...

Really interesting to see the development of each exercise. Must be an excellent way to encourage one's brain to stretch in new directions and perceptions.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the online workshops? I can't seem to find it on her page. Help! This looks like so much fun.
Thank you

Margaret said...

I just love what you're doing with the skills Pamela is teaching -- all of your projects are wonderful compositions!

Paula McNamee said...

Robin, How inspiring to see your work with color and what a challenge. I admire your efforts to do these exercises and see the improvement of adding the three colors to add depth and shadow to the tree and mushrooms. A little change makes a big difference.

Curious Works said...

love your mushroom composition...did you use batiks for the caps?

Robin Olsen said...

Yes, those are batiks for the mushroom caps. I've been using lots of my handdyed pieces and batiks because with the variations in them, I can usually find one section that is just the color I need.

Robin Olsen said...

Susan, her classes have been invitation only because she only takes 20 and they fill right away with returnees, but I'll talk about her future plans on my next post in case others are interested too.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I love your projects, and am so happy that you returned for this class! There is no one like our Pamela-la!

Stephanie said...

I think this is super inspiring. I think your fabric work is wonderful. I have a hard time with faces but I like the idea of 'copying' a painting with either collage or paper..or tin.

WesternWilson said...

Robin, thanks for the William Park link...he's really fantastic! What do his canvases sell for?