Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stirring It Up

I've been feeling stuck lately so decided to play around with a few new things.

Beryl Taylor had an article in Quilting Arts Dec./Jan. 2011 on machine reverse applique. I thought it would be fun to try using busy black-and-white patterns as my foreground.

You make a set of them:
Then cut them in quarters and rearrange them to make wonky circles:

I think they'd make fun long banners.

I first saw Ro Bruhn play with these here. I love what she did with all the hand embellishment on top and thought I'd do that. But Beryl's directions call for these to be 4" squares, which end up with some pretty tiny, but very thick, little bits. I think I'll try it again with at least a 6" square before I work with hand embellishment on top. This is the sort of project I love because it gets me thinking of all sorts of variations to try next.

The other thing I have been absolutely loving is working through the exercises in Steven Aimone's "Expressive Drawing" book. I first wrote about that here.

Right now I'm doing an exercise where you draw with black paint and then go back in and "erase" with white paint. You work as large as possible, fast and loose. It's fabulously freeing!

And I'm starting another Pamela Allen online workshop this week, so I'm hoping I'll have inspiration coming from all sides.


jackie said...

Thanks for your kind comment. Lucky you with all the new fabric scraps. I think drawing big and bold is v. liberating, I think I need to go back to a drawing class where it is easier to do that.

Sojourner Design said...

Your squares are lovely; I'd really like to try that. Thank you for sharing.

arlee said...

oh oh oh love both of those ideas! like "finding" an image, one of my favourite "get unstuck" exercises--these are wonderful in their freeness and exuberance

ger said...

Hey, I like everything I see here... fast + loose, good motto...!!

Tory Brokenshire said...

Robin I’m always so impressed how you study, test, create, always stretching yourself. Wonderful work.

Curious Works said...

fun creative exercises...looks like you're unstuck and striding forward!

Paula McNamee said...

Your last experimental painting really contains a lot of depth and movement- looks like fun

purple bird art said...

Robin, your work is amazing - love the quilt squares. I was fortunate enough to meet Ro Bruhn when I was in Australia. Both her fabric and jewelry are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!