Monday, December 6, 2010

A Happy Blur

We spend so much time getting ready for the show, then it all seems to be over in an instant, sort of like Thanksgiving dinner. But it is such a happy event that it all feels worthwhile, and it just seems to get better every year. Thanks to everyone who was able to come and support the show!

I am always busy until the very last moment setting up my booth, so I have only a smattering of decent pictures to show. You can see all the artist's work over on the Portland Art Collective blog.

Here's my booth this year:

I was planning on just having these little silver and white trees bare for props, but my son told me they didn't look right. At the last minute I decided to add my baubles that I'm planning on using for a bigger project. I was really happy I did. I sold quite a few of them, and I now have a reason to sit and make a lot more.

One of the centerpieces of our show is our dangly tree at the entrance. Many artists make small ornaments and we display them all together for a very dramatic entrance.

And just a sampling of some of the wonderful art.

Lorraine Jones' zen-like hangings which start with the wooden slats from old barrels:

Tammy Vail's hand-dyed tassels.

Dayna Collin's Fearless Faces:

Darlene Veltman's wacky stuffed figures and wall quilt:

Lenall Siebenaler's bright, whimsical paintings.

Paula McNamee's flooded metal, key pendants.

Stephanie Brockway's carved and found wood sculptures.

Tory Brokenshire's found object sculptures:

I apologize for all the wonderful pieces that I didn't get pictures of, but then it would be impossible to capture it all.

I stepped outside on break one evening just in time to catch the sunset in the windows. A spectacular ending to a glorious weekend.


lynne h said...

wow, that's a lot of gorgeous stuff, robin... i would've been spending a lot of money if i'd been there. ; ) xo

Jacky said...

Oh Mary it looks amazing...I wish I could have come along to take in all the detail!
Lovely photos, will have to check the links now.

Glad you had such a lovely weekend.

Jacky xox

ger said...

Usually I´m not all too keen on events like that - but your photos, like last year already, are fun + inviting...

Cotton Picker said...

You're booth looks wonderful. I am planning on making a garland as displayed in your booth (thanks for sharing the tutorial). And thank you for the pics of some of the other artists works too.

I love your blog.

Jan said...

I do so wish I had attended. I'd have bought something from you. I wonder if you have an etsy shop?

Dayna Collins said...

What a beautiful tribute to the Open Doors Shows. Your photos are stunning.

Robin Olsen said...

Thanks everyone. I do think we've created a very special event with this show, and it's wonderful to be a part of it each year. No Jan, I don't have an etsy shop. I like to keep my blog just for recording my creative explorations and am afraid that having an etsy shop might shift my focus. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

I am so happy that this was a success for you! The work all looks great..something for everyone.


jlwilson94 said...

Hi! I had a chance to go to the show and your booth was just as magical as your photo shows. I got a little bit of everything and love it all. I got an owl, a tiny ornament, earrings, and the wall hanging with the triangles. Looks like I'll be following your blog! Thanks.

Robin Olsen said...

Thank you jlwilson 94 (sorry I'm sure you have a much better name than that but I can't find it). I'm so glad you enjoyed the show--and thank you for all your purchases! It's always so nice to find those people who connect with your work. Glad to have you here!