Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Grand Show!

Our Portland Art Collective "Open Doors" show was a grand success! Word of mouth is spreading quickly, so the show was lively and full of customers for both days. I want to thank everyone who came and added to the gaiety, and a special thank you to those who stopped and said hello.

It's always a big surprise to all of us to see how the show comes together each year. We get glimpses of each other's work throughout the year, but don't see the full scope of it until we are all set up, minutes before the doors open. I quickly got a few photos, but didn't begin to do justice to all the wonderful items in the show. Even after being there for two days, I discovered new bits of artwork that I never noticed at first. And the displays with the old doors as backdrops and all the imaginative use of cream, white and silver are always a highlight of the show.

Here is my display:

My big hearts:

And my little ones:

My garlands always get a lot of attention with several people wanting to buy them at every show. They are easy to make, and I've promised I will put a tutorial up here once I catch my breath and have time to get some process shots. You can see them at the top of my doors here and used throughout my display:

Other bits of fabulousness--

Cynthia Mooney's chubby, felted birds and colorful tassels:

Jan Harris's lovely photography and painting:

Lorraine Jones' meticulous collages. This one includes butterfly wings, leaves and pods, and I'm happy to say it made its way home with me:

Darlene Veltman's funky sewing machine covers:

Gaelyn Lakin's whimsical danglies:

Jennifer Campbell's clever use of old tins:

Tory Brokenshire's breathtaking use of black-and-white. Those are the most amazing lanterns on the table and paper cuts on the doors.

Paula McNamee's wonderful soft sculpture:

And Suzanne Reynold's fun pillows, which disappeared in minutes:

You'll be able to see many more photos on our group blog over the next few days to get a more complete view of the show. Check back soon for my garland tutorial.


arlee said...

That looks like one CLASSY show----wow!

jude said...

wow, so much effort goes into something like this.....

Robin Olsen said...

Yes, it's a huge amount of work, and I always have doubts along the way whether it's worth it, but then the show itself is so much fun and the public reaction is so wonderful, that all those thoughts disappear. Sort of like childbirth.

ger said...

A december wonderland... great it was a success...!