Friday, September 25, 2009

Signs of Fall

My sketch group paused this summer for vacations and life catch-up, but we're back to Tues. mornings now. I felt so rusty after taking time off. We sketched this week in one of my favorite spots Luscher Farms Community Gardens. Lots of signs that fall is rapidly approaching with orange and yellow-green being the dominant colors right now.

I like the looseness of this one. It fits the bedraggled scarecrow and sunflowers.


Suzanne Reynolds said...

Your sketches are always wonderful, Robin, these are no exception. Really gives me that Fall feeling!

louciao said...

I like the varied subjects on one page. And the scarecrow is delightful! I've pretty much stopped drawing, but when I look at others' sketches I wonder why I did. Other people's drawings seem wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

ever jeanne said...

nice. don't you just love the way fall bursts into color before tucking in for the winter?