Monday, July 20, 2009

Experimental Drawing

I took a 2 Day Experimental Drawing workshop this weekend with Nicole Gibbs at Oregon College of Art and Craft. The idea was to spend 2 days drawing fast and furiously to produce over 100 drawings and our own visual vocabulary to work with in the future.

Nicole had lots of exercises for us to do--we drew to music and to words. We created blobs from ceramic slip or salt water and drew with those. We worked alone and collaboratively. And we worked fast and faster as we covered the studio wall with drawings:

When I got home, I went through my stack quickly and pulled out the ones that most spoke to me. I put them up on my studio wall:

I think what surprised me most in looking at all my drawings in a group was how drawn to delicacy I am. Lately I've been thinking more about white space and even have been gathering very frayed pieces of white fabric, thinking about a project. That seems to come through in quite a few of my drawings:

At the end of the workshop, I joined some of my favorite drawings together with stitch.


arlee said...

What a great exercise! And yes, you MUST do with the whites and bits and frays!

Paula McNamee said...

A wealth of drawings to inspire- it's great to see the directions and paths your artwork takes.

Leigh said...

Thanks for sharing your workshop experience. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Love the stitched piece.

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest danglies using this sewn together technigue? You could even give them more body by using something that makes the paper "hard but clear" Delicate and fresh and very intersting and YOU! Lenall

Robin Olsen said...

Thanks Lenall, your suggestion gave me tingles--that's a good sign!!

Emma Pod said...

This looks like a great class....very creative! And it is interesting to look at things as a group and see something new. Wonderful!