Friday, April 3, 2009

Mind Games

I'm always looking for ways to try to make my fabric work looser and more spontaneous, but it wasn't until I read Paula's comment on my Extreme Journaling post that I realized I could use the same techniques that I apply to journaling to my fabric work.  (Thank you Paula!)

I decided to try the prompts I made for Mixed Media journaling and see how well they could be adapted to fiber.  I know I could use mixed media on fiber and the prompts would work just fine, but I wanted to limit myself to fabric and thread for now.

I started by slapping on background color.  I quickly pulled 5 pieces from my fabric pile, tore them in strips and patches.  I randomly drew one after another and stitched it to my background:

Drawing from my prompts, I got "Find something unusual to add texture."  Sticking with fabric and thread, there wasn't much unusual I could add, but I did find a linen selvedge I had dyed and  pieces of embroidered gauze that I used wrong side out:

Next I drew, "Add line."  The gauze flowers were floating in the sky, so I decided to add a ladder up to them.  I also outlined the flowers to help them pop:

Finally I drew, "Add dots."  I wanted a bit of brightness, so I scrunched up off-white sheer fabric and stitched it with a black cross stitch to tie in with the ladder.  I also added black straight stitches to integrate the brown background, but they don't show up much in the photo:

It's really exciting to work so freely and have no idea where I'm headed with a piece.  I'm going to make a new set of prompts especially for fiber work and play with those for a while.

And now for something completely different.  As much as I love spontaneous work, I adore the meticulous, creative embroidery Karen does at Contemporary Embroidery.   And for sheer lusciousness, check out the wearable art Kayla Kennington does. 


arlee said...

spontaneous combustion!!!!!

ger said...

This is great! Would you consider sharing your set of fiber work prompts...? I´m inspired to make some for myself, but it might work even better if they´re not one´s own... I could reciprocate with some Berlin made ones, if you like

Paula McNamee said...

I love how you showed us the progression of your piece with each prompt. You inspried me to make a set of prompts to use in my art.

jude said...

this is fabulous! energy!

lee said...

I like the way you pushed yourself to do something-anything and still had some edges to work within. I've been using the Wreck This Journal prompts for some way to get moving on a project, but as you noticed, some are so very paper and mark based it can be hard to translate.