Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mbuti on Velvet

Just a little experiment this week of stitching Mbuti designs on velvet.  I wanted to see how much relief I could get by hand stitching on velvet, but I didn't get as much as I expected.  I had one layer of batting in the area with all the circle motifs, then I added 2 more layers before I stitched the leaf shape just to see how much I could get it to puff up.  But even that didn't provide as much relief as I got from machine stitching on velvet.    Think I'll try combining machine and hand stitching next time.  I do like the rustic designs on the velvet.


arlee said...

It's very beautiful as it is---luminous. I found though that hand stitching on velvet means you need a heavier line to make an indent---try chain stitch---puffs it up wonderfully!

takinanap said...

nice work on velvet. just discovered your blog...i'll be back!

Paula Hewitt said...

I agree - the rustic designs look great on the velvet.